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Bob on the Job

  • Elected to House Freedom Caucus Steering Committee (HFC Leadership)
  • Led the fight to vote on the Life at Conception Act
  • Helped Lead the Charge to Remove Liz Cheney as GOP Conference Chair
  • An unimpeachable conservative record:
    • 100% Heritage Action for America
    • 100% Family Research Council
    • 100% Americans for Prosperity
    • 100% Liberty Score with Conservative Review
    • 100% Numbers USA
  • Introduced 35 bills, offering pragmatic solutions, and defending conservative values:
    • Teleabortion Prevention Act – Criminalizes Biden’s crusade to provide chemical abortions by mail
    • PISTOL Act – Reverses Biden’s backdoor pistol brace ban
    • Protect Our Police Act – Protects law enforcement access to life saving equipment (Endorsed by every major VA Law Enforcement group)
    • No Asylum for Criminals Act – Prevents dangerous criminals from exploiting Biden’s open border asylum policy
    • Defending Students Civil Rights Act – Makes teaching CRT a civil rights violation, punishable by federal law
    • Championing Our Parents Act – Defunds Biden’s war on parents holding their school board accountable
    • CHOICE Act (Introduced with Senator Lee) – Allows for your tax dollars to follow your student, including private or home school
  • Co-Authored the Republican Study Committee (RSC) Budget, which balances in less than 10 years and saves Medicare and Social Security
  • Fought for accountability Against the Biden Administration:
    • Questioned Education Secretary Cardona about Biden Administration pushing CRT on states
    • Called out Labor Secretary Walsh about his alleged improprieties and corruption as Boston Mayor
    • Stood with Reps MTG and Gohmert outside of DOJ demanding AG Garland provide accountability for mistreatment of J6 defendants
  • Defending Trump Policies that Made America Great Again
    • Introduced legislation to codify Trump policies defunding chain migration and requiring that immigrants are self-sufficient
    • Offered multiple bills that would build upon Trump’s regulatory relief for businesses across the country

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