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“I have kept my promises to the voters of the 5th District during my first term representing them in Congress, and fought as a true constitutional conservative to defend our nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. I am asking for your vote again so I can continue the battle against unconstitutional government mandates, the invasion at our Southern Border, the leftist indoctrination in our education systems, and the reckless spending that is bankrupting our nation.”

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In just his first term, Congressman Bob Good has already established himself as one of the leading conservative voices in Washington. He was elected by his peers to the board of the House Freedom Caucus after his first year, due to his demonstrated courage and commitment to his principles. Bob also serves on the House Budget Committee and the House Education & Labor Committee.

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Who’s Supporting Bob

Gun Owners of America
Les Adams
State Delegate
Rob Bell
State Delegate
Kathy Byron
State Delegate
Matt Fariss
State Delegate
Nick Freitas
State Delegate
Danny Marshall
State Delegate
Wendell Walker
State Delegate
Otto Wachsmann
State Delegate
Tommy Wright
State Delegate
Amanda Chase
State Senator
Steve Newman
State Senator
Mark Peake
State Senator
Frank Ruff
State Senator
Bishop EW Jackson
Chris Faraldi
Councilman, Lynchburg City
Jeff Helgeson
Councilman, Lynchburg City
John Hinkle
Supervisor, Appomattox County
Charla Bansley
Supervisor, Bedford County
Bob Davis
Supervisor, Bedford County
John Sharp
Supervisor, Bedford County
Kenny Brown
Supervisor, Campbell County
Justin Carwile
Supervisor, Campbell County
Matt Cline
Supervisor, Campbell County
Steve Schockley
Supervisor, Campbell County
Tony Reeves
Supervisor, Charlotte County
Gene Brooks
Supervisor, Cumberland County
Chris Fairchild
Supervisor, Fluvanna County
Duane Adams
Chairman Board of Supervisors, Louisa County
Tim Dudley
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ronald Scearce
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ann Parker
School Board Member, Campbell County
Andrew Pullen
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Charles Rittenhouse
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Mike Miller
Sheriff, Bedford County
Whit Clark
Sheriff, Campbell County
Darryl Hodges
Sheriff, Cumberland County
Vance Wilkins
Former Speaker of the Virginia House and Chairman, Amherst County Republican Committee
Karen Angulo
Chairman, Appomattox County Republican Committee
Tim Griffin
Chairman, Bedford County Republican Committee
Doug Barringer
Chairman, Campbell County Republican Committee
Noah Davis
Chairman, Charlotte County Republican Committee
Darrell Byers
Chairman, Fluvanna County Republican Committee
Mike Hankins
Chairman, Lunenburg County Republican Committee
Wally Hudson
Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Committee
Carlton Ballowe
Chairman, Nelson County Republican Committee
Will Pace
Mayor of Chatham and Chairman, Pittsylvania County Republican Committee


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Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

I can’t believe Tom Garrett has the cojones to run for office again after what he pulled. Is there no Republican with any sort of ethical standards left in the party? Are y’all just gonna keep scraping the bottom of the barrel?

Tom has a 100% rating from the NRA. Doesn't it seem hypocritical that Bob, Tom and the Republicans say they care so deeply about protecting our kids from the "woke," but couldn't care less about protecting our kids from their #1 cause of death in America - firearms? They would rather criticize anything that might help, and leave it at that, rather than do anything about it! It would appear that gun rights are more important than our kids' lives.

Photos from Tom Garrett for Delegate's post ... See MoreSee Less

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Good luck. We are praying for you.

J D Palmore receiving a visit from Congressman Bob Good 👍

Is Garrett still a friend of Jason Kessler, the unite the right organizer, neo nazi, and white supremacist?

Granny Bee's is "vegetarian friendly." Vegetarians are woke. Therefore Granny Bee's is woke.

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

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Congressman Bob Good is right. We've made history before, and we'll do it again! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you, Congressman‼️ 🙏❤️🙏

Thank you!!!

What’s in the GOP budget bob? Is it cutting anti poverty/farm/vets programs by 60%? Is it cutting social security by 4%? Is it cutting Medicaid/kids’ food/ACA by 49%? Is it adding a 30% consumer tax?

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

Cutting medicare and social security isn't exactly helping people, especially seniors and the dsiabled.

Sure hope you are right

Why do Bob and the Republicans always say they are going to make cuts in a “meaningful way” but all it means is taking money away from those who need it most, and giving more money to those who need it the least?

The History you will be making will not be kind

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Good said, “The Biden Administration continues to weaponize every part of the executive branch to infringe on the rights of all Americans.”Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) introduced legislation Tuesday designed to end the FBI and ATF coordinating with local enforcement to carry out "no knock raids" on gun owners. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bob is again attacking a problem that doesn’t exist for political points.

🤣🤣what a bunch of nonsense Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a rep that would legislate to create jobs or improve revenues or some such rather than create useless bills to address something that has never existed

If the government “creates jobs” then it’s socialism, maybe even communism. He took an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

Give it a rest bobby. You're like a broken record.

"The idea of Tucker Carlson being in that mob on Jan 6 and not wetting his pants is hard to imagine." - Anderson Cooper

Outstanding hope it passes

Here is your 2nd Amendment colleague posing with Neo-Nazis: "A smiling Rosendale posed for a photograph outside the U.S. Capitol last week alongside two well-known white supremacists: Ryan Sanchez, a former member of the violent neo-Nazi street gang Rise Above Movement who was dressed similarly to a WWII German officer, and Greyson Arnold, a pro-Nazi blogger. “Just ran into Congressman @mattformontana , a real America First representative with backbone,” Arnold wrote in an Instagram post."

Americans trust Joe Biden and the Democrats more than Republicans to look out for their children and care for their well-being. Check out this link:,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-m...

Documents released from under oath testimony given during the Dominion voting Machines suit againg fox news. Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch: describes trump and guilliani as 'both increasingly mad" and added about trump, "The real danger is what he might do as president." Murdoch agreed trump was a sore loser. Your idol Tucker Carlson, under oath, trump "could easily destroy us if we play it wrong...What he's good at is desroying things. He's the world's undisputed champion at that." Two days before the Jan 6 insurrection, tuck tuck said,"We are very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights. I truy can't wait. I hate him passionately." fox spewsw has made total fools out of its followers. They duped you big time.

Tucker Carlson's private texts say he hates Trump "passionately." What do your private texts say about Trump?

Republicans continue to weaponize abortion laws: Floridians who are raped will need to show evidence of that crime if they want an exception under the Legislature’s proposed six-week abortion ban, a requirement that advocates say would traumatize victims of sexual violence even more. Victims of rape or incest would have to provide a copy of a restraining order, police report, medical record or court document to obtain an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Rape and incest exceptions would end at 15 weeks of pregnancy. For decades, the mainstream anti-abortion movement promised that it did not believe women who have abortions should be criminally charged. But now, Republican lawmakers in several US states have introduced legislation proposing homicide and other criminal charges for those seeking abortion care.

Bob, do you and your party knows what the number 1 cause of DEATH to children is?? I can give you a hint, it isn't Drag Queens. It is GUNS, and yet your party does not try to protect children because your party and you azz kissing supporters care more about your guns than you care about children,. You are trying to distract the evidence by attacking someone else, and your supporters are so damn brain dead they don't see it

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On this President’s Day, I have concluded that we do need more bipartisanship:
• We need a bipartisan commitment to the Constitution and our founding principles
• We need a bipartisan commitment to reduce government and promote freedom
• We need a bipartisan commitment to protect innocent life in the womb
• We need a bipartisan commitment to secure the border
• We need a bipartisan commitment to cut spending and balance our budget
• We need a bipartisan commitment to academic excellence in schools
• We need a bipartisan commitment to America-first policies
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I agree with your statement, but when I look at how you want to achieve all these things, your approach boils down to, "We need a bipartisan commitment to fall in completely behind the far Right."

And what specific actions do you intend to take to achieve these goals?


Fortunately, there are some Republicans, who still work in a bipartisan way. But you call them RINO when they do. There are Republicans who tell the truth. And even ones who have told me they believe in a woman’s Choice!

We need you, Bob, to show some bipartisanship to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in this country.

Why do Bob and the Republicans always want to take money away from those who need it most, and give more money to those who need it the least?

Ask yourself, Bob, what you might think if someone told you your history was so bad, they wouldn't put it in history books?

Bob you voted NO on everything passed into law in the past 2 years. Bipartisanship starts with you.

Change your mind, Bob, and join the bipartisan support for freedom in Ukraine: "(1) Putin’s war on Ukraine is a continuation of centuries of Russian regional imperialism and has the goal of reincorporating Ukraine into a new Russian empire; (2) The UN Secretary General has consistently said Putin’s war on Ukraine is a violation of the UN Charter and international law; (3) Putin’s military has routinely committed atrocities and war crimes against civilians in Ukraine; (4) the world, particularly the developing world, is paying for Putin’s aggression in Ukraine through higher food and energy costs; (5) Putin’s war is not a European issue — Ukraine is defending the rights of all nations and peoples everywhere to live within secure national borders and be free of the threats of violent and coercive attacks by neighboring countries; and (6) an international system that tolerates autocrats, such as Putin, attacking neighbors would produce a world in which every country is poorer and less secure and free."

Right On agree Congressman and thanks keep up the great work you are doing a great job

Sadly all of those items are beneficial to the prosperity of Americans. This is not something the left supports

Must be hard, Bob, to be in a state that abolished the death penalty. Trump and Desantis are eager to kill criminals, even when jurists don't agree: "The timing of his execution appears to be part of a push by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to bring back death sentences by non-unanimous juries. DeSantis, who is expected to run for president, signed Dillbeck’s death warrant last month on the same day that he floated changing state law to allow non-unanimous juries to impose death sentences. “Maybe eight out of 12 have to agree or something,” DeSantis suggested at a Florida Sheriffs Association conference, just before ordering the execution of a man with that exact jury split."

Bob, stop peddling lies and half-truths! The Trump-era border policy under Title 42 is still in place and will continue to be in place until May 2023. And yes, there have been over 5 million illegal border crossings since Biden took office, *but* what you always fail to add is that after they cross the border, over 5 million of these people have been arrested and sent back. Despite this, you posted on Twitter today: "All President Biden had to do to secure the Southern Border was nothing. Instead, he reversed Trump's policies and invited more than 5.6 million illegal border crossings."

And we need a bipartisan commitment from you to work with your new Democratic colleague in Congress and the first Black Congresswoman from the Commonwealth, Rep. Jennifer McClellan.

Tell me more about what you mean by America First policies because I'm confused:

BIDEN-HARRIS ADMINISTRATION FIRST TWO YEARS: • Over 11 million jobs added since taking office • 750,000 manufacturing jobs created • Unemployment at a 50-year low • Two of the strongest years ever for small-business creation • Signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law • Capped the cost of insulin at $35/month for seniors on Medicare • Record number of Americans have health insurance • Signed the American Rescue Plan • Signed PACT Act into law for veterans and their families • First major gun safety legislation in nearly three decades • Justice Ketani Brown Jackson confirmed as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court • Signed executive orders protecting reproductive rights • Signed the CHIPS and Science Act • Signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law • Signed the Respect for Marriage Act

We need more bipartisanship to quell insurrection, starting with the people at Fox News, who knowingly lied when they said the 2020 election was full of fraud, and you and the other 146 Republicans in Congress who voted to overturn the 2020 election. Fox News lied to get more viewers. Did you lie, Bob, to get more MAGA Republicans on your side?

I sure wish your staffer in charge of this site would explain what you mean by promoting freedom. Republicans are swerving more and more towards fascism. Example, look at Hitler's approach to books and libraries - burn and destroy and arrest and executre anyone found with a 'wrong' book on their person or where they lived. Then look at the book banning in public schools, at florida's control over curriculum in schools and universities. That's BIG GVERNMENT telling people, yes, the gullible Republicans, exactly what education will be. Please explain this fascism and removal of freedom of speech.

Exactly! It’s time for the Democrats to demonstrate they love America.

Thanks, President Thomas Jefferson, for acknowledging the benefits of vaccines and making them mainstream. But maybe you could have avoided experimenting on those you had enslaved!

Bob, you are such a hypocrite for saying you want to balance the budget while supporting a bill to make Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy permanent - cuts that have already ballooned the national debt!

Sorry, Bob, but bipartisan decisions are being made to move from Big Oil that funds you to renewable energy. Our superintendent of schools here in Lynchburg says: “Nearly a third of our fleet will be transitioned to electric systems. So not only does that relate to environmental protection, but also air quality protection.. We spend about a million dollars right now on fuel. It will save us, we think between $250,000 and $300,000 a year."

Good luck!

You have about the least credibility of anyone in Congress in calling for bipartisanship. Not only are you unwilling to work with Democrats, you are unwilling to work with most Republicans, and can only retain power through threats, hostage-taking, and bullying.

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