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“I have kept my promises to the voters of the 5th District during my first term representing them in Congress, and fought as a true constitutional conservative to defend our nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. I am asking for your vote again so I can continue the battle against unconstitutional government mandates, the invasion at our Southern Border, the leftist indoctrination in our education systems, and the reckless spending that is bankrupting our nation.”

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In just his first term, Congressman Bob Good has already established himself as one of the leading conservative voices in Washington. He was elected by his peers to the board of the House Freedom Caucus after his first year, due to his demonstrated courage and commitment to his principles. Bob also serves on the House Budget Committee and the House Education & Labor Committee.

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Bishop EW Jackson
Chris Faraldi
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John Hinkle
Supervisor, Appomattox County
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Supervisor, Bedford County
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Supervisor, Bedford County
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Supervisor, Bedford County
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Supervisor, Campbell County
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Supervisor, Campbell County
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Supervisor, Charlotte County
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Supervisor, Cumberland County
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Supervisor, Fluvanna County
Duane Adams
Chairman Board of Supervisors, Louisa County
Tim Dudley
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ronald Scearce
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ann Parker
School Board Member, Campbell County
Andrew Pullen
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Charles Rittenhouse
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Mike Miller
Sheriff, Bedford County
Whit Clark
Sheriff, Campbell County
Darryl Hodges
Sheriff, Cumberland County
Vance Wilkins
Former Speaker of the Virginia House and Chairman, Amherst County Republican Committee
Karen Angulo
Chairman, Appomattox County Republican Committee
Tim Griffin
Chairman, Bedford County Republican Committee
Doug Barringer
Chairman, Campbell County Republican Committee
Noah Davis
Chairman, Charlotte County Republican Committee
Darrell Byers
Chairman, Fluvanna County Republican Committee
Mike Hankins
Chairman, Lunenburg County Republican Committee
Wally Hudson
Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Committee
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Will Pace
Mayor of Chatham and Chairman, Pittsylvania County Republican Committee


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We must have a change of leadership at the RNC. Harmeet Dhillon is a proud first generation American, proven pro-life Conservative, and attorney with a stellar record of success as a hands-on leader. Our party can not survive two more years of losses and ineffectiveness. The survival of our country depends on us, and I trust Harmeet Dhillon to take the helm of the RNC at this critical time.

Thanks to our VA RNC Committeeman, Morton Blackwell, and RNC Committeewoman, Patti Lyman, for their leadership in supporting Harmeet Dhillon to be the next Chair of the RNC.
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Mr.Mike Lindell a great American Patiot would be great for that job. Someone that has experience running a company and knowing where to allocate donations to get the right people elected.

Praying for that outcome.

One day, Bob, people are not going to respond when you cry "wolf" on every challenge you take issue with, if you keep making it into "the survival of our country depends on us."

Agree Congressman and thanks keep up the good work you are doing a great job

Lol, you keep losing.

It is unconscionable that Bob voted multiple times against law enforcement deescalation training and remains silent when these horrific events happen. The actions of members of the Memphis police in the beating death of Tyre Nichols were despicable, detestable and reprehensible. Show you care, Bob, and show you are willing to do something constructive about these shameful events that occur far too frequently!

What are Arizona Republicans trying to hide? ‘It does seem like they’re just trying to find a way to be able to operate in the dark, which is incredibly anti-democratic. It’s anti-American, quite frankly,” Sawyer said. The rule change benefits all lawmakers at the expense of ordinary voters of all political stripes, she said; Arizonans won’t be able to find out what legislators are doing behind the scenes, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. “It is one of the things that sets us apart from autocracies, that we require our public officials to be accountable to the people they serve,” she said.’

More Republican in-fighting. Bob and DeSantis want Dhillon while Trump is backing the incumbent Rhonna McDaniel. Dems love it!

Wow, Bob "Apocalyse" Good, since the "survival of the country" depends on a change of leadership at the RNC, I guess the end of America as we know it is near.


Your party Bob is being closely watched, not looking too good for 2024

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It was a privilege to visit with so many veterans and other patriots this past Friday at the weekly Monument Terrace Troop Rally.

In the past 6 months, Bob voted “no” on the VA Employee Fairness Act, Veteran Service Recognition Act, Delivering Optimally Urgent Labor Access For Veterans Act, Community ReEntry Program Act, Continuing Appropriations for Ukraine, Mental Health Matters Act, Break the Cycle of Violence Act, Mental Health Justice Act, Peace Corps ReAuthorization Act, and Support for Finland and Sweden to Join Nato Act

Bob votes against veterans and troops issues. He does like a good photo op though 🙄

What cuts are you planning to make to the popular programs of Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act? And what will you do with the money you slash from what’s left of the middle class safety net - give huge tax cuts to the wealthy?

Day 5 after Debt Ceiling reached: Stop playing games with the American economy! Let's raise the debt ceiling, like Republicans had no problem doing under Trump, so that we can pay the bills that we said we would pay!

Republicans, who voted 3 times to raise the debt limit under Trump, would rather have the debt ceiling be breached and the economy tank, than fail to cut your Social Security and Medicare. "[Good] said there was no circumstance under which he would vote to raise the debt ceiling without “commensurate cuts in spending."

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

Did you tell all these veterans that you voted AGAINST every single bill that would help them? I hope they do their homework and discover you don't care a whit about them. You just want their votes.

See Bob's other fb page Congressman Bob Good to see the legislation to get rid of social seurity, etc

Dear Readers, It has begun. Bob Good and Republicans have officially put social security, medicare, SNAP, and other programs on the cutting block. YOU WERE WARNED NOT TO VOTE FOR BOB because for sure he never told you his intent during the campaign. Can your feed your family with less SNAP support? Can you make ends meet with slashed social security? How about slashes to medicare? What is going to happen to your elderly parents? What is going to happen to YOU when you can't make ends meet? Government is supposed to help citizens, not watch them starve and suffer from lack of healthcare, your kids included.

Bob "Retaliate" Good gets his way: Greene and Gosar were removed “after a bipartisan vote of the House found them unfit to serve on standing committees for directly inciting violence against their colleagues,” Jeffries wrote in his letter. “It does not serve as precedent or justification for the removal of Representatives Schiff and Swalwell, given that they have never exhibited violent thoughts or behavior.”

Did you tell them that you are working to cut their Medicare and Social Security benefits? Why do you always support tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for the poor?

Republicans are only concerned about the debt ceiling when there is a Democrat in the White House. Debt ceiling purists, who refused to raise the debt ceiling during the Obama years, rolled over and regularly raised the debt ceiling during the Trump years. Now that Biden is President, they are back on the debt ceiling bandwagon. What hypocrites!

Did you explain why you and the Republicans voted no on Veterans Healthcare??

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On this 50-year anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision that cost over 60 million innocent American lives, may we all commit together anew to protecting all life in the womb. As we celebrate the courageous overturn of this most catastrophic court decision 7 months ago, we recognize that the work is just beginning to reduce and ultimately eliminate the brutal practice of abortion. May legislators in Washington, Richmond, and across America rise to this moment and match the courage and conviction of justices Alito, Coney Barrett, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Thomas. ... See MoreSee Less

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Government should never tell anyone what to do with their bodies. MYOB

We must reject Bob’s cruel radical right policies, his gross misuse of power, and the Republican swamp cartel’s assault on Medicare and Social Security and save our republic!

I've been praying for this for yrs, great to see the changes!

Proud to have you fighting the uphill battle for us here who not only need representation but realize that even during these end times we have a patriot in the fight. Let me know what I can do to help in addition to prayers. 🙏🇺🇸

Please read my comments in the above post about Bob speaking to veterans. Bob Good and Republicans have officially put SNAP, medicare, social security, and other programs to help and support families and seniors on the cutting block. btw, veterans healthcare is included in the severe cuts.

Thank you for being solidly pro-life!

Agree and keep up the great work

While it is tragic that there have been 60,000,000 deaths of children in the last 50 years, those were not all or even half of them attributed to Roe vs Wade. What Roe did was say that it would be legal in all 50 states and teh states could not stop it. It has always been legal in a number of states and it still is and probably always will be.

Key words: "protecting all life in the womb". Affordable healthcare, food, shelter, and clothing for those that have been born is vitally important but they are all but ignored by you folks. It took no courage for the named justices to make their decision. It was a done deal as soon as the orange idiot made those 3 nominations with the recommendation of the Federalist Society. You desperately want to control women's bodies and their reproductive decisions. How much longer before IVF is attacked and made illegal? Many would be wonderful parents will be prevented from fulfilling their desire to have children. How long before you attack and try to make illegal the use of contraceptives? You are rolling back the clock. You rail against government intrusion and here you being a proponent of that very thing.

You don’t even know or care if they could, or would have “lived”! You don’t care how many LIVE WOMEN’S lives have been SAVED by ABORTIVE procedures! You don’t care for children born! You just push an agenda of control!!!!

Once again, Fuck You

Evangelicals only became anti-abortion years after Roe v Wade, when they realized that racial segregation was no longer the subject that would energize their base and win elections. Their decision to shift to abortion was mainly political, not moral, religious or biblical. Fifty years after Roe, and after losing their fight against "the homosexual agenda," evangelicals are learning the hard way that abortion is not the subject that will win most elections.

'Meeting in St. Louis in 1971, the messengers (delegates) to the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution calling for the legalization of abortion, a position they reaffirmed in 1974 — a year after Roe — and again in 1976...James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family...acknowledged in 1973 that the Bible was silent on the matter and therefore it was plausible for an evangelical to believe that “a developing embryo or fetus was not regarded as a full human being.”.When the Roe decision was handed down, W. A. Criswell, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and sometime president of the Southern Baptist Convention, issued a statement praising the ruling. “I have always felt that it was only after a child was born and had a life separate from its mother that it became an individual person,” Criswell declared, “and it has always, therefore, seemed to me that what is best for the mother and for the future should be allowed.”..[Jerry] Falwell, by his own admission, did not preach his first anti-abortion sermon until February 26, 1978, more than five years after Roe.'

shut up, bob

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

Taking away Roe v Wade, will not end abortions, what it will do, it will cause unsafe abortions, which will cause more deaths, you and the Republicans have no idea what you have done, and please spare me about protecting children, you DGAD about children's lives, if u did, you would work on improving healthcare, making sure kids have proper food, as well a better education system. Truth here, is the Republicans want complete control of women, but let us remind you Bob, this isn't the 1950's and especially the younger generation will not put up with your crap

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Did you tell the patriots that you are going to wreck their retirement? If you don't allow a clean debt ceiling to be raised, retirement accounts (401K's, etc) would be hit hard (the Stock Market is already tanking). The credit rating for the United States would face an immediate downgrade. Money for new houses would get more expensive to borrow, a trend already going in the wrong direction. One estimate suggested GDP would drop 4%, families would lose $15 trillion in wealth, and unemployment would climb back to 9%. All because you want to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits. America doesn't want that and we know that every year the full retirement age is raised, Social Security benefits get cut 7%. Just raise the Social Security tax cap so millionaires pay the rate that the rest of us pay.

Let's all get behind Bob regarding the VERY important bill he co-sponsored to allow states to name post offices. Afterall, there aren't many important issues he should be addressing instead.

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

btw, did you mention to these nice people, especially the seniors, that you are trying to get rid of their social security and medicare while imposing a 30% federal sales tax on EVERY purchase they make? What was their reaction?

Republicans want to treat Americans like cannon fodder, mandating a financial crisis at our expense, holding the health of our economy hostage as they threaten to not allow us to pay our bills. And they justify this with crying or laughing face emojis.

So Bob, tell us about your ethics and why you support the House gutting the House Ethics Committee. Could it be to protect those Republicans referred to the HET because of their ACTIVE participation in the Jan 6 insurrection to overthrow the United States government? You remember, that day you could have been murdered by the insurectionists, but the people you support as you deny the insurrection ever happened, as you continue to never, ever, thank the police who saved your pitiful self, even died in so doing.

Did you explain to them, how you and the Republicans plan on taking their Social Security and Medicare away from them??

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We had a great turn out today, both in Lynchburg and Chatham as we crisscross the district this week listening to you. I am gracious for the support and encouragement from the patriots in VA05 as we continue to lead the fight to take down the swamp cartel in DC. ... See MoreSee Less

We had a great turn out today, both in Lynchburg and Chatham as we crisscross the district this week listening to you. I am gracious for the  support and encouragement from the patriots in VA05 as we continue to lead the fight to take down the swamp cartel in DC.Image attachment

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We are thankful for a congressman who has strong, conservative principles!

Did you tell them that you were going to wreck their retirement? If you don't allow the debt ceiling to be raised, the credit rating for the United States would face an immediate downgrade. Retirement accounts (401K's, etc) would be hit hard. Money for new houses would get more expensive to borrow, a trend already going in the wrong direction. One estimate suggested GDP would drop 4%, families would lose $15 trillion in wealth, and unemployment would climb back to 9%. All because you want to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits. America doesn't want that and we know that every year the full retirement age is raised, Social Security benefits get cut 7%.

These people are going to be sad when their Social Security check stops coming ! You can thank Bob and his buddies for messing with your Social Security check and Medicare.

See ya tomorrow at Rhett's Congressman. Thank you Sir..🇺🇸

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

What is a swamp cartel?

If you think there are only “patriots” on one side, that is the problem with you…. for a start.

I would love to know your definition of what makes a good patriot. I love my country and the opportunities I've had as a result of living in a country that gives me freedoms to live the life I choose. (Many of those rights you are doing your best to abolish.) Unfortunately I think you consider a patriot anyone who agrees with you and the members of your so-called freedom caucus. "In the United States, the patriot movement is a term which is used to describe a conglomeration of non-unified right-wing populists, national political movements, most notably far-right armed militias, sovereign citizens, and tax protesters." (Wikipedia) Please define what a "swamp cartel" is.

You were just fine with raising the debt 7.8 Trillion while your orange Geezus was in office and NOW you’re a conservative? You have always been a hypocrite and you are willing to sacrifice the seniors for your own political career!

Do whatever it takes to get our country back

The Republicans in the House ARE the swamp, you included. Did you tell them about the House speaker gutting the House Ethics Committee where a number of your colleagues were being investigated for their ACTIVE participation in the trump led insurrection to overthrow the government of the United States of America?

Bob and the Republicans want to cut your Social Security benefits by making you work longer before retirement. They even said you *want* to work longer and have your benefits cut.

Lol bob is gracious

Did you inform the seniors, that your party is stripping their social security and Medicare?? Did you tell them to get their resumes ready so they can go back to work?? Did u also explain to them why you and the rest of Congress received a pay raise, while millions are struggling to buy groceries?

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It was a pleasure to visit Aqua Pros in Lynchburg today, owned and operated for more than 25 years by current Bedford County Supervisor Bob Davis. ... See MoreSee Less

It was a pleasure to visit Aqua Pros in Lynchburg today, owned and operated for more than 25 years by current Bedford County Supervisor Bob Davis.

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Did you discuss what he can expect if you allow the government to default on its loan payments? You know little things like how interest rates will skyrocket, people will lose jobs, the cost of consumer goods will go through the roof, mortgage rates will be unaffordable for the average home buyer and, small businesses will be affected even more than large corporations.

Was hoping to see a post from you about Lee-Jackson Day. Don’t let the dems steal our history and heritage. Honor these great Christian men!

Small busineses are going to suffer horribly if Republicans fail to raise the debt ceiling. btw, dear readers, raising the debt ceiling is a pro forma vote and simply says the US will pay its debt, e.g, money already spent. It's like you borrowing some money then deciding you wilkl pay it

Our country needs more elected officials like these gentlemen.

Tough business, especially now. My dad and brother been at it for 50 years up north.

I wish you hadn't been taken away from the 5th. I still consider you my Congressman...

Owns a business in Campbell County but lives in and is on BOS for Bedford County.

That’s where we get our pool supplies

2 bobs do make a right? Sorry guys but it was right there!!

The symbolism is funny. Good a guy who didn’t support water lines or much else in Campbell County visiting a guy’s whose very business depends on those lines to fill the pools he’s selling. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Thank you for standing up for all of us.

Is this the same Bob Davis that called Bedford residents idiots?

It seems you’re having an unpublicized town hall in the middle of a work day this Thursday in Powhatan. How do we RSVP? Thursday, January 19 12:00 p.m. County Seat Restaurant 3883 Old Buckingham Rd Powhatan Court House

Who cares that his business of 25 years is in a different location than where he live?!? How many people own businesses in one county yet live in another? What a worthless debate!

And a Republican like you who refused to wear a mask, even when around people at high risk of catching COVID.

Aww, poor Susan Lee, got her feelings hurt with some truth. Poor snowflake

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work you are doing a great job

Congressman Good, can you explain, why you and your party voted NO on the Boarder funding bill?

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Video image

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As a recent purchaser of an electric vehicle, I did some math. My new car costs about 1/4 as much to run per mile as my old gasoline engine. At that rate, I expect to make back more than twice the additional cost back over the life of the vehicle. I can’t say an electric vehicle will work for everyone, but the expense argument is not supportable.

We all have preferences about all things. But we should not be forced to choose the preferences of others. I am genuinely happy for those who love your EVs. And it's your right to choose that. But I and many others are not ready for it at this time. That's our choice. And I think the government needs to stay out of it.

This is crazy. I'm not inclined to follow anything that comes out of California's government. Innovation needs to lead the way to any changes that take place, not a big greedy federal government. That way it's mandated by The People by what We chose to buy.

California is no good for Virginia !

Agree Congressman and thanks keep up the good work always remember the only good thing that ever came out of Commiefornia is an empty bus

Yes, let's listen only to the Oil and Gas lobby that paid $93 million to Congressional members last year because we would rather pollute the earth, continue to be dependent on an increasingly lower supply of fossil fuels and allow our oil-rich politicians to tell us what to do. Let's do this, not because it is coming from California, but because converting to renewable energy is right for Virginia.

A simple search would had answered everything Bob, I suggest u and your followers start doing that

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