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“I have kept my promises to the voters of the 5th District during my first term representing them in Congress, and fought as a true constitutional conservative to defend our nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. I am asking for your vote again so I can continue the battle against unconstitutional government mandates, the invasion at our Southern Border, the leftist indoctrination in our education systems, and the reckless spending that is bankrupting our nation.”

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In just his first term, Congressman Bob Good has already established himself as one of the leading conservative voices in Washington. He was elected by his peers to the board of the House Freedom Caucus after his first year, due to his demonstrated courage and commitment to his principles. Bob also serves on the House Budget Committee and the House Education & Labor Committee.

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Gun Owners of America
Les Adams
State Delegate
Rob Bell
State Delegate
Kathy Byron
State Delegate
Matt Fariss
State Delegate
Nick Freitas
State Delegate
Danny Marshall
State Delegate
Wendell Walker
State Delegate
Otto Wachsmann
State Delegate
Tommy Wright
State Delegate
Amanda Chase
State Senator
Steve Newman
State Senator
Mark Peake
State Senator
Frank Ruff
State Senator
Bishop EW Jackson
Chris Faraldi
Councilman, Lynchburg City
Jeff Helgeson
Councilman, Lynchburg City
John Hinkle
Supervisor, Appomattox County
Charla Bansley
Supervisor, Bedford County
Bob Davis
Supervisor, Bedford County
John Sharp
Supervisor, Bedford County
Kenny Brown
Supervisor, Campbell County
Justin Carwile
Supervisor, Campbell County
Matt Cline
Supervisor, Campbell County
Steve Schockley
Supervisor, Campbell County
Tony Reeves
Supervisor, Charlotte County
Gene Brooks
Supervisor, Cumberland County
Chris Fairchild
Supervisor, Fluvanna County
Duane Adams
Chairman Board of Supervisors, Louisa County
Tim Dudley
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ronald Scearce
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ann Parker
School Board Member, Campbell County
Andrew Pullen
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Charles Rittenhouse
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Mike Miller
Sheriff, Bedford County
Whit Clark
Sheriff, Campbell County
Darryl Hodges
Sheriff, Cumberland County
Vance Wilkins
Former Speaker of the Virginia House and Chairman, Amherst County Republican Committee
Karen Angulo
Chairman, Appomattox County Republican Committee
Tim Griffin
Chairman, Bedford County Republican Committee
Doug Barringer
Chairman, Campbell County Republican Committee
Noah Davis
Chairman, Charlotte County Republican Committee
Darrell Byers
Chairman, Fluvanna County Republican Committee
Mike Hankins
Chairman, Lunenburg County Republican Committee
Wally Hudson
Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Committee
Carlton Ballowe
Chairman, Nelson County Republican Committee
Will Pace
Mayor of Chatham and Chairman, Pittsylvania County Republican Committee


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It was a privilege for Tracey and me to join Charlotte County GOP Chair Noah Davis and others at the Walk for Life in Keysville, in support of the Pregnancy Support Center. ... See MoreSee Less

It was a privilege for Tracey and me to join Charlotte County GOP Chair Noah Davis and others at the Walk for Life in Keysville, in support of the Pregnancy Support Center.Image attachmentImage attachment+2Image attachment

8 CommentsComment on Facebook

Why would any female of child bearing age want her body turned over to government control? Moms, why would you want your daughter's body turned over to the government as soon as she becomes able to reproduce? Wouldn't you rather keep your right to parental decisions for your daughter?

Also, thank you President Biden for bringing five hostages held in Iran home. I am sure their families are very happy to be hugging them right now.

Bob Good for Congress what an absolute whiner! You’re part of the ‘Blame Caucus!” Or a MTG calls you….”burn it all down” caucus! All you seem capable of is spending tax dollars when you’ve got control and whining about Biden when you’re not. Please find a way to act like an adult and work together for the American people and not your fragile little ego caucus! 🤦‍♂️

The Pregnancy Support Center offers the right to be persuaded against exercising the right you came in with.

Get them born to starve them right Bob?

The story of the Religious Right's support for abortion in the decade after Roe v Wade:

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Bob Good: "I'm Living Through The Movie—'How To Destroy A Country'—Produced By President Biden" ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

12 CommentsComment on Facebook

"I'm living through the movie - "How to Destroy a Country" - Produced by Bob Good.

What absolute joke you are! How do people like you get elected when you not only show you don’t care, you spend every moment and tax dollar blaming your opposition. “Republicans, they campaign government doesn’t work, get elected and then prove it!”

Seriously, bob, your staffer couldn't have chosen a better picture of your true self.

Every government shutdown in the last 30 years occurred when Republicans had control of the House of Representatives. Last time it happened, it drove people to food pantries and forced an $8b hit to the economy. They treat people missing paychecks like it's no big deal. Do your job bob

Bob Goode doesn’t care about anyone except Bob Goode. Still waiting to see how he will be distributing his salary during a shut down of the federal government that he help orchestrated. Why should he collect a salary when millions of seniors, veteran and active military get theirs shut down . Bob Goode, NO Goode for Virginia!

Because we allowed a STOLEN ELECTION. The deep state organized a coup on 1/6 to STOP the election corruption evidence from being exposed to Congress - as PROMISED. And here we are.....with an installed compromised, treasonous, foreign agent fraud - intentionally destroying America

Bob, you may think that the Republicans normalizing political violence is something that you may think you can get away with. The rhetoric that you, the freedom caucus, and the other far right extremists in Congress that are spewing are putting people's lives in danger but you don't care about that do you? The political violence rhetoric that your side spews is not normal and will never be normal and will be pushed back against You are not good for the people that live in the fifth congressional district. You should halt your campaign now.

People are going to be mad Bob when they don’t get their Social Security checks and the military doesn’t get they pay!!🥵🥵!! This man hates the USA!!!

What a you are Blasphemous Bob...and clearly not the sharpest in the shed. The Republican party gave HUGE tax breaks to big corporations and wealthy individuals when they had control of the House, Senate and Presidency (under the most traiterous criminal in history) I hear Ron DeSantas is pulling your strings for a shutdown. Ron DeSantas...where anti-woke goes to die Ron DeSantas, who makes executive edicts which are quickly overturned Ron DeSantas...who is losing a battle with a MOUSE! Ron DeSantas, whose poll numbers are in the toilet. It will be really nice to vote your dumb azz out of office next year. Shut down the government with your crap and you'll ensure a huge blue wave in the Virginia legislature this year.

Coo Coo MAGAMANIAC how you do bloviate! You are a master at projection. Book bans, parental rights concerning their LGBTQ+ children banned, American history erased, women's rights concerning their healthcare banned, rights of every child to attend school without fear of gun violence banned, the peaceful transfer of power banned, election integrity banned, the right of all children to have their family unit recognized even if bobby doesn't approve banned, the right of all Americans to have affordable healthcare because it is a right not a privilege banned..... You get the picture bobby boy? This isn't a movie in which President Biden is the villian. This is the nightmare we are living through starring a persecuted and risen orange idol with a supporting cast of little magats. You are a disgusting embarrassment to the decent residents of VA5.

Oh bob, I wanted to thank you for standing up for gun registration laws. I think your support will go a long way on that issue. I mean you do support the indictments on Hunter Biden right? And Hunter has these charges because of the gun registration paperwork which a lot of your constituents don't support. And I'm glad to see that you support gun registration. You are so woke on gun registration laws

Mr. Good, I’m fascinated that you haven’t mentioned Hunter Biden’s recent indictment. Does it perhaps fail to support your rhetoric on DOJ bias in favor of the current President and his family?

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I was glad to be able to join Chair Mike Hankins, Delegate Tommy Wright and the Lunenburg Republicans last night at their monthly meeting. ... See MoreSee Less

I was glad to be able to join Chair Mike Hankins, Delegate Tommy Wright and the Lunenburg Republicans last night at their monthly meeting.Image attachment

5 CommentsComment on Facebook

Are there any non-white Republicans in Lunenburg County? The latest census data indicates Blacks and other People of Color make up about 35% of the County population.

Are you going to watch the televised trial? The RICO trial of Trump’s election interference in Georgia.

Only 63% of Lunenberg county is white. Only 23% are over the age of 60. Do you think you can win an election with only old white people? Time to vote your sorry azz out and elect someone who will represent EVERYONE! Surely there must be a more moderate Republican to primary you next year!

Lunenburg is nicknamed "The Old Free State of Lunenburg" because just before the Civil War, it let VA know the county would break off if the state did not join The Confederacy. Seccession from the U.S. is woke. Bob supports Lunenburg's leaders. Therefore, Bob is woke.,_Virginia

Today's Republicans are modern day Nazi's

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What a great evening in Charlotte County with special guest Mark Meadows. Thank you to Mark and Debbie Meadows for coming all the way to Virginia to support me. I also appreciate Kerwin and Beverly Kunath for being such gracious hosts and our evening emcee Noah Davis, Chair of the Charlotte County Republican Committee. ... See MoreSee Less

What a great evening in Charlotte County with special guest Mark Meadows. Thank you to Mark and Debbie Meadows for coming all the way to Virginia to support me. I also appreciate Kerwin and Beverly Kunath for being such gracious hosts and our evening emcee Noah Davis, Chair of the Charlotte County Republican Committee.Image attachmentImage attachment+3Image attachment

16 CommentsComment on Facebook

Insurrectionist Mark

So good to see you all, and Mark smiling despite the efforts of our corrupt DOJ to destroy him. ❤️

Mark Meadows is in a heap of trouble,all his own fault from foolishly associating himself with the former prez, the one with 91 felony counts

Look at all the criminals at this event lol

Nice visit with mark before he goes to jail!

Mark Meadows is going to jail Bob. And he flipped on djt, what are you saying here dude???? You just as bad as that idiot Tom Garrett, well Garrett is worth since he abused his wife , and wanted to kill his chief of staff. The sheer silliness of your campaign to bring that man down to Virginia to meet potential voters and those people staying in the same room with someone who flipped on djt. You can't make this stuff up if you tried. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Folks facing multiple indictments are a fabulous crowd draw ... and, someone so very, very, very concerned about voter fraud might have put more thought into voting in NC while living in VA, only to turn around and vote in Virginia in the next election when he had just registered in SC.

Great piece about Mark Meadows in the NYT and his alleged strategic role in trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election:

Birds of a feather flock together. This guy aided and abetted a plan to overthrow the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election and is now under inddictment on felony charges. Are you planning on joining him in court? The fact he came to this event shows serious desperation.

So much for a party of law & order when you promote an accused criminal! Resign Traitor!

Isn’t this the guy indicted on 2 felony charges, including racketeering and solicitation of a violation of oath by a public official, in order to steal the election and votes from citizens of this country? That mark meadows? This is not something to be proud of Bob.

Isn't this the guy who committed voter fraud by renting a trailer he didn't even ever visit and vote from it? Blasphemous Bob shows again he has no ethics, morals or faith...just like the Meadows.

So Bobby, supports a person that was involved in the Jan 6 insurrection?? Doesn't surprise me, Republicans are nothing but traitors to this country

Saying your boss told you to do something illegal isn’t a defense!

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