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“I have kept my promises to the voters of the 5th District during my first term representing them in Congress, and fought as a true constitutional conservative to defend our nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles. I am asking for your vote again so I can continue the battle against unconstitutional government mandates, the invasion at our Southern Border, the leftist indoctrination in our education systems, and the reckless spending that is bankrupting our nation.”

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In just his first term, Congressman Bob Good has already established himself as one of the leading conservative voices in Washington. He was elected by his peers to the board of the House Freedom Caucus after his first year, due to his demonstrated courage and commitment to his principles. Bob also serves on the House Budget Committee and the House Education & Labor Committee.

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Gun Owners of America
Les Adams
State Delegate
Rob Bell
State Delegate
Kathy Byron
State Delegate
Matt Fariss
State Delegate
Nick Freitas
State Delegate
Danny Marshall
State Delegate
Wendell Walker
State Delegate
Otto Wachsmann
State Delegate
Tommy Wright
State Delegate
Amanda Chase
State Senator
Steve Newman
State Senator
Mark Peake
State Senator
Frank Ruff
State Senator
Bishop EW Jackson
Chris Faraldi
Councilman, Lynchburg City
Jeff Helgeson
Councilman, Lynchburg City
John Hinkle
Supervisor, Appomattox County
Charla Bansley
Supervisor, Bedford County
Bob Davis
Supervisor, Bedford County
John Sharp
Supervisor, Bedford County
Kenny Brown
Supervisor, Campbell County
Justin Carwile
Supervisor, Campbell County
Matt Cline
Supervisor, Campbell County
Steve Schockley
Supervisor, Campbell County
Tony Reeves
Supervisor, Charlotte County
Gene Brooks
Supervisor, Cumberland County
Chris Fairchild
Supervisor, Fluvanna County
Duane Adams
Chairman Board of Supervisors, Louisa County
Tim Dudley
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ronald Scearce
Supervisor, Pittsylvania County
Ann Parker
School Board Member, Campbell County
Andrew Pullen
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Charles Rittenhouse
School Board Member, Fluvanna County
Mike Miller
Sheriff, Bedford County
Whit Clark
Sheriff, Campbell County
Darryl Hodges
Sheriff, Cumberland County
Vance Wilkins
Former Speaker of the Virginia House and Chairman, Amherst County Republican Committee
Karen Angulo
Chairman, Appomattox County Republican Committee
Tim Griffin
Chairman, Bedford County Republican Committee
Doug Barringer
Chairman, Campbell County Republican Committee
Noah Davis
Chairman, Charlotte County Republican Committee
Darrell Byers
Chairman, Fluvanna County Republican Committee
Mike Hankins
Chairman, Lunenburg County Republican Committee
Wally Hudson
Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Committee
Carlton Ballowe
Chairman, Nelson County Republican Committee
Will Pace
Mayor of Chatham and Chairman, Pittsylvania County Republican Committee


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Nancy Pelosi & the Biden Administration have failed American families who are struggling to buy groceries and fill up their tanks. ... See MoreSee Less

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All whining, no answers - that’s Bob Good for you! Two years of a fat government paycheck, and nothing to show for it.

So this is happening all over the world. President Biden must be very powerful if he has done this everywhere, and just not here 🧐

Bunch of haters on these comments. Democrats control 3 branches. Yes Biden’s policies have screwed up our country. We need to get out and vote all these democrats (communists) out. So go troll on your presidents page.

I agree the inflation has hurt many. What can YOU do to help fix this, Bob?


Thank-you Nancy Pelosi and the Biden Administration for single-handedly bringing down the price of gas in Virginia from $4.65 in June to $3.32 in the midst of global inflation! This was accomplished with absolutely no help from Bob Good, our representative, who has failed Virginia families who are struggling. He has no solutions, only grievances.

How about stop stating the obvious that has been parroted relentlessly for the last year! How about the politicians state how they are going to stop the Agenda 2030 from advancing anymore in the United States and reversing what has been done. How about stating how this administration and the elites responsible for all of this will be delt with so the American people can have some confidence in who they are voting into office. There is so much corruption in our system at this point you do not know who is being controlled by the establishment. When can we trust who we are voting for again?

How much PPP loan money did you collect bob?

In the comments,… I can see why people don’t like Democrats. They belittle, berate, demean, demonize, and dehumanize anyone that doesn’t support the Democrat agenda. Once they’ve felt they have made someone into a “subhuman”, thus justifying their behavior. The socialists in 1930’s Germany did that too.

You and your party has failed Americans for years, it's always the Democrats that have to come in a clean up your party's mess and then you bunch turn around and try to block everything. I am so over your party,.

They both need to be in prison along with a bunch more of the Communists Dumbocorrupts.

Right On Agree and thanks Congressman keep up the good work

So what's your solution?

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The America First movement is a movement of the people, by the people, FOR the people!

We want lower taxes, a secured border, safer streets, and economic prosperity.

Why isn’t that bipartisan?
... See MoreSee Less

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Yes, agreed!! Sadly the Washington DC Dems are purposely trying to destroy the country to build up a communist utopia in its place. Thanks for fighting Bob Good for Congress!

Because your movement for the people only includes some people. That’s probably why. 🤷‍♂️

Because "lower taxes" means the rich pay even less of their fair share and the deficit balloons. Because "secured border" has morphed into xenophobia. Because "safer streets" means doing nothing to prevent crimes in the first place, but instead, for instance, making it easier for those who commit crimes to get guns. And because "economic prosperity" means prosperity for me but not for someone less fortunate than me.

Speaking of taxes, can you please advocate for your constituents in the 5th district who have NO update or communication about their returns because IRS isn’t doing their jobs and failing to communicate? Waiting 9 to 12 months for a return is insane.

Thanks for standing for real values, and trying to keep spending under control.

Totally agree, Bob!

Right On agree Congressman and thanks keep up the good work

So now yall angry activists are going to call Mr. Good a klansman & his supporters racist. It must suck to be so consumed with hatred. There are usually around 300-400k votes cast in the 5th district. My guess is Mr. Good will carry around 53% of those. Your contention is that in the neighborhood of 212000 of your neighbors are racist bigots because they vote for a conservative candidate. Demonizing your neighbors is not exactly a good way to rally support for your candidate. Neither is contending they have inferior intelligence or mental capacity because they differ from you on issues. Pretty pathetic.

Because it’s a dog whistle "America First" was a phrase used by the Ku Klux Klan at its peak in the 1920s, where racist, xenophobic sentiment was widespread… [and related law making] proved to legislate xenophobia and white supremacy, excluding immigrants on the basis of ethnicity and national origin in an effort to preserve white racial demographics.”

Letting our vets go hungry is unamerican and not patriotic! Shame on you, Bob Good!

America First was a phrase that the KKK used in the 1092's, sorry Bob, even though you and your racists supporters think we are going back, that will NOT happen!! I suggest you move to Russia, where they allow the govt to control people. This country was doing well before Tumpty the con got a hold of it, after he left the deficit was 13 trillion. And with Trump's tax scam, the middle class will be screwed till 2027, So spare me with your BS

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Thank you to the Liberty University College Republicans making calls tonight! ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you to the Liberty University College Republicans making calls tonight!

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What do they say when someone asks them why Bob Good is too scared to debate Josh Throneburg? How embarrassing for them. And you.

A great university and thanks Congressman keep up the good work

Thankful for these young people!

Did they talk about how Medicare part B premiums will be cut this year because of the inflation reduction act that requires insurance companies to cap costs at the rate of inflation, capping cost of meds for seniors and disabled at $2K per year, and capping insulin at $35 per month, while also reducing the deficit this year by $350B?

Did they talk about how US manufacturing jobs have grown by 67,000 more than prepandemic, due to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS+ Act?*

Did they talk about how the GOP platform will move social security and Medicare from permanent budget items to discretionary, and require them to be reauthorized every 5 years, making it possible to cut or eliminate them?

BREITBART Poll: 71% of Workers Are Poorer Under Biden’s Inflation, up from February’s 58% US President Joe Biden speaks about the economy and inflation from the deck of the USS Iowa at the Port of Los Angeles on June 10, 2022. - US inflation surged to a new four-decade high in May, defying hopes that price pressures had peaked and deepening President Joe Biden's …JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images, FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images, Spencer Platt/Getty Images WENDELL HUSEBØ27 Sep 2022344 Seventy-one percent of employees are poorer under the weight of President Joe Biden’s inflation, up from 58 percent in February, a Bank of America-sponsored survey shows. The poll, revealed by CNN on Tuesday, sampled individuals in July who have 401(k) plans. Half of those sampled said they had taken measures to “cope” with Biden’s soaring prices in the last six months. Sixty-two percent said they are “stressed” about their personal finances despite being employees

Get it done!📞👍🗳

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Thank you to all of our team members and volunteers out knocking doors this weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you to all of our team members and volunteers out knocking doors this weekend!Image attachmentImage attachment

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All you government haters should be calling for no federal support to Florida

I am in your new district, and I dare your volunteers knock on mine...

Thanks Congressman keep up the good work

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